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Das Göttliche Gesicht
Paul Badde

The news is incredible: a man claims he has discovered the true face of Jesus. The renowned German historian Paul Badde believes he has discovered a mysterious image in Manoppello, a remote village in the Italian region of Abruzzo, that fulfills the ancient yearning to see Jesus face-to-face.

The Shroud of Turin
Paul Badde

The historian and best-selling author Paul Badde assumes that the shroud is genuine: for him it is “an image not made by human hands”. Badde makes a compelling case for the authenticity of the shroud of Turin; he presents hitherto unseen photos and deciphers the secret message of this shroud and other images that mysteriously transform us into contemporaries and eyewitnesses of Jesus.

The Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Manoppello
Paul Badde

Paul Badde follows the mysterious traces of the graveclothes from the sepulchre and the early Christian sites to the European hiding places and current storage sites of the ancient linens. In his passionate report, he describes the incredible history of the most precious images of Christendom and asks, “What if they are genuine?”.

Maria of Guadalupe: Shaper of History, Shaper of Hearts
Paul Badde

In Mexico in 1531, the Virgin Mary appeared to the Aztec Juan Diego, leaving her image on his poncho. This was the circumstance that converted the indigenous population of Central and South America to Christianity. In his exciting report, Paul Badde tells the fantastic story of an apparition that changed the history of the world.

Das Turiner Grabtuch und das Christusbild – Das Echte Christusbild
Werner Bulst/ Heinrich Pfeiffer

Based on careful study of original sources, the authors show that the veil of Manoppello is identical to the sweat cloth of Veronica that was believed to have vanishd from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Moreover, the real sensation is the research published that proves that the images on the shroud of Turin and the veil of Veronica are completely congruent.

Der Manoppello-Code: Anmerkungen eines Juristen
Markus van den Hövel

The mysterious byssus cloth of Manoppello attracted global attention after the Pope’s visit in 2006. Is it an authentic image of Jesus? Is the “true icon”, commonly known as the veil of Veronica, the true face of Christ, really in the small Italian village of Manoppello? Numerous non-destructive examinations of the byssus veil indicate an “image” not made by human hands. But why is it in Manoppello, of all places - what does the name of this town really mean? The author, a skeptical judge, began his search for answers on location.

Das wahre Antlitz Jesu Christi
Markus van den Hövel

Dr. Markus van den Hövel, 54, 1963, is the chief judge of the regional court in Bochum. Since 2007 he has been the presiding judge of an Economic Crimes Chamber. In 2006, van den Hövel became aware of the incredible story of the mysterious byssus cloth of Manoppello through the book “Das Göttliche Gesicht” by the journalist Paul Badde. Since then, he has pursuing his own investigations on numerous trips to Manoppello. In his book “Der Manopello-Code”, published in 2009, he presents the verifiable facts - breathtaking, moving, unbelievable - and true. In two enthralling lectures in February 2010, as part of the regular “Auditorium Stiepel” lecture series held at the Stiepel Priory in Bochum, he presented the latest research on the shroud of Turin and the mysterious veil of Manoppello, which is published in this book.

Der Manoppello-Code – Veronica Manipuli
Markus van den Hövel

In addition to the revision and expansion of the previous text, ten brand-new chapters offer intriguing insights into the significance of the light as well as the presence or absence of the blood with regard to the byssus cloth of Manoppello as well as the reconstruction of the historical path of the sweat cloth over 2,000 years. Exciting reports on the views of interesting contemporary witnesses, a series of high-caliber lectures, the latest research on the shroud of Turin, etc. round off the new edition of the “Manoppello Code” and unlock a few more secrets of the “veil of Veronica”.

Volto Santo
Ulrich Moskopp

The installation documented here is based on video recordings of the Volto Santo (Holy Face), a thin veil made of byssus. On the material, which is transparent when backlit, a male face can be seen at various lighting angles - according to tradition, it is the true face of Christ.

Das Antlitz Christi (The Face of Christ)
Andreas Resch

After a brief overview of the history of the shroud of Turin and the veil of Veronica in bullet-point form, the congruence of the faces on the shroud and on the veil of Veronica is pictorially demonstrated. Images in the catacombs and in the iconography are then checked for their congruence with the faces on the shroud and on the veil of Veronica.

im Selbstzeugnis seiner Grabtücher (Atlas)

Blandina Paschalis Schlömer

This atlas is not an exhaustive, scientific book on the still-existent cloth relics of Jesus Christ, yet it is more than a guide to meditation.
The Polish edition with a German translation is more detailed than the German edition.

Jesus – Das Gesicht des Wortes
Blandina Paschalis Schlömer and Lidia Basti

In this little book, Sr. Blandina doesn’t actually discuss the Holy Face. She uses the image as a meaningful description, inviting readers to initiate contact with a living person who speaks to them and looks at them.

Der Schleier von Manoppello and das Grabtuch von Turin
Blandina Paschalis Schlömer

In the first part of this work, Schlömer describes the path to her encounter with the veil, and then reveals the parallels to the icons depicting Christ throughout the various epochs in the second section of the book. In the third section, she introduces the shroud of Turin and the veil of Manoppello as the two original models for the depictions of Christ.

Der Gottmensch
Maria Valtorta

In this 12-volume work, the life and suffering of Jesus are described as revealed to the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta (1897 – 1961) in visions, and represents a complement to the Bible, not a contradiction.